Making money is the goal of most apps. Often some users need a little nudge or reminder to make a purchase in your app. There are a few common strategies to create compelling push notifications for monetization:

  1. Exclusive Offer. A notification letting the user know they have a special or time-sensitive discount in your app.
  2. Ready To Convert. A notification reminding the user the benefits they would have if they paid for your app.
  3. Refer A Friend. A notification asking the user to refer a friend and letting the user know the reward for referring friends

Exclusive Offer

Exclusive offers work best for users who may want to make a purchase in your app, but may not want to pay full price. Additionally, some users may wait for offers during holidays to make purchases.

Replace the {placeholders} in green to personalize these templates.

Limited time offer - just for you!
{Offer details} - claim your discount now
Tap here to save
Ready to take advantage of your exclusive offer {User Name}?
{Discount amount}
We think you'll love this exclusive offer. Tap to learn more

Ready To Convert

Users that are ready to convert are users who are willing to pay for your app. Sometimes, users who are ready to pay need to be reminded about the benefits of subscribing before they make the purchase.

Replace the {placeholders} in green to personalize these templates.

Unlock {paid feature name}
Upgrade to unlock more features and benefits of {Your App Name}
Want to get more out of {Your App Name}?
Join our paid community of {audience} by subscribing today
{Number of Users} users like you went Pro
{Main benefit of pro}, what are you waiting for?

Refer A Friend

A great way to increase monetization in your app is to ask your best users and subscribers for referrals. Often, referral notifications are sent with a benefit that both the user and their friend would share if the friend subscribes to your app.

Replace the {placeholders} in green to personalize these templates.

Love {Your App Name}?
Refer a friend and you'll both get {referral offer}
Earn {referral offer}
Invite a friend who {referral requirement}
Big fan of {feature}?
Why not share it with a friend?

Increase Monetization With Push Notifications

Push notifications are one tool that can help increase your apps revenue. Use the templates and strategies in this post to nudge your users and increase your conversion rates.