Developing intuitive apps is a design goal of developers. Even the most intuitive apps can benefit from push notifications to help users use the app more. There are a few common strategies to increase app usage using push notifications:

  1. Tutorial. A notification to help a user understand how to use an app
  2. Discover. A notification to let the user know about features in the app
  3. Achievement. A notification to congratulate the user on a behavior the user did in the app


Tutorial notifications are often sent to new users who may not fully explore the app in their first few sessions. Tutorial notifications help users understand what actions to take in the app.

Replace the {placeholders} in green to personalize these templates.

{An Action, like Personalize Your Profile}
{A Direction, like Tap the settings icon in the top right corner to upload a photo}
Need help {action}?
Tap here to read more about {feature}


A discover notification can help a user learn about a feature in your app. Discovery notifications can also be helpful to existing users, for example when you update your app and add new features.

Replace the {placeholders} in green to personalize these templates.

Don't miss {feature name}
Tap here to explore and discover what's new in {Your App Name}
{User Name}! Did you experience {feature} yet?
{feature benefit}
Ready to get excited?
{feature name} is accessible from {where to find the feature}


Helping a user celebrate the small wins while using your app will help make a user want to continue using your app. For key moments in your app, send an achievement notification letting the user know they did a good job.

Replace the {placeholders} in green to personalize these templates.

Congratulations, {User Name}!
You've reached {milestone} - keep up the great work
You achieved {milestone}
Well done {user name}. Never stop striving to get better
Way to go {User Name}!
You completed {milestone}. Challenge yourself with {a different milestone} next

Increase Engagement With Push Notifications

The more frequently a user opens and uses your app the more likely a user is to subscribe and refer friends. These push notifications templates can help increase your app’s engagement and ensure users know about all the great features in your app.