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Are you an app developer looking to grow your app? Sizzle is a collection of email, push, and social media templates designed to help you increase user engagement, get more downloads, and make more money.

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With Sizzle, marketing is made easy. You can quickly create professional, effective, and persuasive messages to connect with your target audience and grow your app.

Email Templates For Growth

Request A Review From A Blogger Or Creator
Ask Someone To Become A Beta Tester

Emails Templates For Your App

Sizzle Tips Email Template For Apps

Top Tips Email Template

Customize this email template to let new users know how to get the most out of your app

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A lot more email templates are coming soon, including requesting an app store feature and getting beta testers. Also included will be a beautifully designed email template that you can personalize for your app.

Landing Page Template - Coming Soon

Customize this template from the browser and learn how to host it for FREE. No web or backend experience needed.

Social Media Templates For Apps

Share New App Updates
Share New App Features
Feature A User Your App
Feature A Business Partnership
Feature A Target Audience
Share A Business Milestone
Share A New Hire
Offer A Holiday Promotion
Make A Limited Time Offer
Get User Feedback

Push Notification Templates For Apps

Share An Event Happening Now
Remind Users To Complete An Action In Your App
Show Users An Accomplishment
Give Users An Exclusive Offer
Push Free Users To Convert To Paying Users
Get Users To Refer A Friend
Let Users Know How To Use A Feature
Help Users Discover A New Feature
Showcase A User Achievement

More Templates Coming soon

In additional to a wide variety of email templates (and a complete email design you can use), you can look forward to:

  1. Customizable Email Design Template
  2. Press Kit Template
  3. Pitch Deck Template
  4. SMS Templates
  5. and more!

You don't need to be a professional marketer and you don’t need to hire an expensive consultant or agency. Sign up for Sizzle today and start growing your app!

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If you have any ideas on templates or content you'd like to see as part of Sizzle, let us know! Send an email to: sizzle -at- advancedswift.com