One way people can find out about your app is through public app reviews by bloggers, influencers, youtubers, and other creators. To get started, you need to know:

  1. Why your app is a good fit for their audience or blog?
  2. How your app is different that what already exists?

App Review Request Subject Lines

Replace the {placeholders} in green to personalize these templates.

An informative subject line is important to get your app reviewed from an email. One option is to use your app’s 1-liner, the one sentence that lets the reviewer know why your app is interesting.


Another option is to be straight to the point. Creators that often review apps may have teams that help them look through their email. Being up front with what you are asking may help your email get opened or considered:

{AppName}, Review Request

A third option is to highlight a key statistic and achievement your app has reached. For example, if you are developing a Travel app putting how many travelers currently use your app may be a good way to capture the attention of Travel bloggers and influencers:

10,000 {Audience} Use {AppName}

App Review Request Email

Replace the {placeholders} in green to personalize this template.

When requesting an app review make sure your information is clear and easy to access. Include the key features of your app and helpful links so the reviewer can quickly get more information.

Ask For App Reviews

Asking for reviews on your iOS or Android app is just one part of marketing your app. Customize the email template here to reach out to potential reviewers and let them know to consider your app.