One of the most important tools to keep users using your app is push notifications. Increasing retention with push notifications is about personalization and getting the timing right. There are a few common strategies to create compelling push notifications for retention:

  1. Happening Now. A notification about something time-sensitive that a user might miss otherwise if they don’t use your app.
  2. Finish Up. A notification reminding users they started something and should finish what they were doing.
  3. Personalized Accomplishment. A notification showing the user what they accomplished, and what they might miss if they don’t use your app.

Happening Now

Happening Now notifications work best for users that are interested in your app but do not use your app as a habit. If a user shows signs that may not be using your app as frequently, consider one of the following push notifications:

Replace the {placeholders} in green to personalize these templates.

Time is running out!
{Event name} is happening right now - join the action!
{Event Benefit} now
You don't want to miss {Event name}. Today only!
{Event Name} only this week
Only {days} days left! Remember to {action} before its over

Finish Up

Finish Up reminders are often used in ecommerce and shopping apps to remind users to finish checking out. These notification also work well for games, travel, writing/notetaking, and many more apps to keep users coming back:

Replace the {placeholders} in green to personalize these templates.

You are so close!
You left off in the middle of {activity}. Finish up to {benefit}
Your progress is saved
Come back to finish {activity} and {benefit}
Your adventure awaits!
Continue your journey and finish {activity} to unlock {benefit}

Personalized Accomplishment

Many apps can benefit from sending push notifications to remind users about their accomplishments in the app. For example, how many times the user used the app in the past 30 days.

Replace the {placeholders} in green to personalize these templates.

You are on a roll!
{User Name}, looks like {Your App Name} has been helpful. Keep your streak going.
Impressive {User Name}
You {accomplishment} in the past 7 days! Come back for more
{User Statistic, like 50 Likes Today}
Your {content, like posts} are really popular today! Make another

Increase Retention With Push Notifications

Sometimes users just need a little push to come back to your app and build a habit. The push notification templates in this post can help you increase your app’s retention with personalized messages to your users.