Ever since building my first iPhone app in 2008, I fell in love with creating new things. Today, I build new products with successful entrepreneurs. My specialties are mobile apps, cloud infrastructure, and machine learning. I also write about Swift on this blog.

"Rob is a thoughtful programmer who works with you to determine the best path to the end goal. We built an MVP in new category, a truly 0-1 product. The fact Rob was able to accomplish this in just a few months is incredible."
- Chris Bray, founder BiGmedia.ai, producer and director on Pawn Stars (2008-2011)

"Using Machine Learning, Rob automated a process that took five people to do down to one person leading to significant bottomline savings. When I need a super smart person to help me solve a unique difficult challenge, I need to call Rob."
- Thomas Parkinson, cofounder Sifter.shop, cofounder Peapod

Something I built recently is:

If you like building things too, reach out! My email is hey @ robertpieta dot com. More about me: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robertpieta/