Swift and iOS get better every year, making it a challenge to keep up. I started developing for iOS in 2009. After Swift was announced in 2014 I worked on a number of apps in Swift, from internal enterprise apps to consumer apps with millions of downloads.

In addition to the free blog posts on advancedswift.com, I'm working on a book about Advanced Swift techniques. In this book I present lessons from my experience, talk about what I learned from top open source projects, and help you:

  1. Learn iOS App Architecture
  2. Learn Data Management In Swift
  3. Learn About Concurrency In Swift
  4. Learn About Abstraction In Swift
  5. Learn From Top Swift Engineers
  6. and more!

Learn iOS App Architecture

You have probably seem MVC, MVVM, and other architecture patterns written about online. Learn how these architectuer patterns translate into real world apps.

Learn Data Management In Swift

SQLite and Core Data are common solutions to on-device databases. In the book I present the pros and cons of different approaches to data management on iOS and show you how to select a data management option suited for your app.

Learn About Concurrency In Swift

One of the most common obstacles iOS engineers encounter are doing a lot of things in the background at once. From downloading and caching images, to saving user data, concurrency is critical to understand when building great apps. In the book I'll present concurrency using examples you may encounter when building your apps.

Learn About Abstraction In Swift

Generics, protocols, and reactivity are key concepts in Swift that help organize a codebase and allow developers to build complex apps with less code. In my book Ill show how Swift abstractions are used in the real world, and how they can help you write better Swift.

Learn From Top Swift Engineers

I am always looking to learn too! One strategy I use is reviewing code of top open source Swift projects. In the book I'll present lessons from committed code of other great Swift engineers.

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